Sharmini has always been a solid voice and support for me and has also had an unconditional support of the work we do at CE which has provided insight, ideas and strength to move forward. Her integrity in what she does and her ability to connect and empathize with others and where they are coming from makes for an amazing environment to be heard and understood. This helps immensely with self reflection. Shar is a living example of ‘being change’ and is always being what she feels is of highest good. She’s a refreshing and inspiring energy that I appreciate having in my life since we first met, in September 2010.

Joe Martino

Founder, Writer, Film-maker @ Collective Evolution

I have the pleasure of knowing Sharmini for over 10 years. Sharmini is a shinning beacon of light always eager to assist selflessly in as many ways as possible. Her love, support and her belief in you are so authentic! Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. These are the words that Shar lives by!

Antonia Hagens


There are few people in this world capable of harnessing passion and transforming it into action in the way that Sharmini does effortlessly. She has genuine care for the well-being of everyone she interacts with, and makes their improvement a priority. I’m grateful to have known Sharmini for well over 5 years now, and know that her impact on my life will be everlasting!

Mark DeNicola

Writer & Director @ Collective Evolution

I have known Sharmini for the past 5 years and she has been a huge catalyst of change in my life, for the better. I truly believe she has ESP at times, because I can be having a bad day or struggling with an issue and low and behold she sends me some info. with exactly what I needed to hear at that time. I have always had a lot of questions and she has been patient in helping me expand my awareness and help me evolve. With her guidance, teachings and wisdom, I truly see life differently and am beyond grateful for the gift she has given me. She is full of love, generosity & enthusiasm – she really just wants to assist others and this is what makes her amazing.

Adele B.

Toronto, ON

Sharmini is a very strong, confident woman. Using her courage, inner strength and wisdom, she empowers others to live each day with an open, honest heart. Sharmini has the natural ability to connect with people on a deep level. Having overcome her own life obstacles and challenges she has provided me with insight and clarity on my life path. Her loving heart, positive attitude, enthusiasm & willingness to assist others have made her an amazing guide for many. Being in Sharmini’s presence is comforting, calming & peaceful. I have truly been blessed to have her as my health & healing consultant.

Shannon B.

Vancouver Island, B.C.

By helping others see “the big picture”, Sharmini serves to empower with her positive and encouraging guidance. She is able to provide others with the tools needed to gain clarity on life’s path and through challenging issues.

Terri G.

Vancouver Island, B.C.

When I met Sharmini 3 years ago, I was confused, nervous and depressed. I felt hopeless & upset with everything – I viewed life as a grey sky with no sunshine. Sharmini helped me to look at things in a bright way and encouraged me to do things that benefit me. She has a very thoughtful & kind heart, I always felt comfortable to open up to her and tell her painful things that I hid from everyone else, as she understands, values & accepts without judgement.

I admire her broad knowledge about health, medicine, spirituality and healing. She has helped me to practice a healthy life style, both physically and mentally, which makes me feel good daily. Now the grey has lifted and I can see the sunshine. Through difficult times, such as my recent move to the US and the adjustment to a totally different work & home environment, her guidance helped me to build a new life. Her kindness to people, animals and nature inspires me and I have gained much peace, strength, happiness & understanding of life, from her insights.

Anna L.

Toronto, ON & Minnesota, U.S.

My experience with Sharmini has been insightful, cathartic and profoundly helpful. I find her to be incredibly compassionate, yet still able to ask the hard questions – she does so in an environment of support, empathy and encouragement. She always provides immediate feedback,  which I find very helpful. She has an energy that makes you instantly feel at ease – no topic or thought is too insignificant to discuss.

Kim C.

Vancouver Island, B.C.