Crop 3My passion for providing guidance and support to others comes naturally to me. For years, I have assisted both strangers and friends/family in a variety of stressful situations. These include: grief related to death of a loved one, anxiety, depression, work/career issues, medical/health illnesses, family conflict, relationship challenges, lack of self confidence, body image issues, eating disorders and much more.

Using a combination of processes – I provide insight and clarity on the current challenges. I guide clients to determine the underlying cause of their stress and to shift their perception and emotions, which leads to major breakthroughs. Every painful situation holds a lesson for us and helps us to grow. When we are open to this, our health and our life transforms.

My Story: After 10 intensive years of University, obtaining nearly 3 full degrees and 16+ years of successful professional work, including 10 years in corporate for an international fortune 500 company, I found myself STUCK.

Successful on the outside, but miserable on the inside. I was terrified of change, yet relieved to know I could finally stop pretending everything was fine. It was the start of a difficult yet deeply insightful journey for me. Through trying and testing many processes and treatments, I learned how to heal my physical and emotional pain and to deeply transform my life.

I have been on the path of personal growth & development to better understand myself, for almost 20 years. I am passionate about understanding the role our beliefs play in our emotional and physical pain.

This has led me on a quest to investigate and undertake many different courses, books, workshops, healing therapies and coaching programs. My life has completely shifted as I had major breakthroughs and began healing myself.

My own transformation occurred through a series of life/personal crises, including a long undiagnosed medical condition that left me with many serious physical and emotional symptoms. I have learned much through my own experience and understand how challenging it can be. I look forward to assisting you to become the best you, Let’s Connect!

Additionally, I joined Collective Evolution in 2010, as Executive Producer of their 3 popular documentaries: CE I, II & III. CE is now one of the biggest alternative media outlets in the world – the goal has always been to INSPIRE CHANGE. I recently started writing for CE, find my articles here – I write on a variety of health and personal growth topics to assist.